A theater full of colors

Teatro Colorato is made up of young professional theater artists, graduates of art schools and actors from Bratislava and non-Bratislava theaters.

Teatro Colorato was formed gradually. At first it operated as a free theater professional group under the auspices of other civic associations (eg FIYO); later, the creators united their activities under the Civic Association Boris, which currently covers Teatro Colorato. In addition to its original theatrical work, the theater organizes various cultural and artistic events. It has a rich tour business and develops projects at the international level.

One of the goals of the theater is to bring together young artists, talented creators and experienced professionals from different theaters (who might otherwise not have the opportunity to meet creatively) and thus create a platform for cooperation, the result of which will be valuable artistic productions. As the name of the theater suggests - "colorato" - means "colorful", "colorful", "full of colors". Our theater also wants to be like that. Colorful not only in costumes and scenography, but also in the diversity of forms, types, genres and creative approaches. It has the ambition to bring to the stage interesting, lively, dynamic productions intertwined with humor and a smiling view of the world. An important element of expression is minimalism, scenic shortcut, metaphor, image and music.

Currently, Teatro Colorato already has several successful productions in its repertoire, with which, in addition to numerous reruns at home, it was also possible to present them abroad. We believe that it will continue to retain the audience's favor, as well as highly positive feedback from the lay and professional public.