Sasha Dolgopolov - Hot water tour!

English Standup Comedy in Bratislava

Come witness this hilarious, well-crafted, professional, yet deeply personal and experimental show. It's tight, careful, calm, and occasionally dramatic, touching on themes like migration, bureaucracy, inequality, wars, therapy, gender, autism, and, of course, the challenge of enduring several months without hot water!

The show will be held entirely in English.


About Sasha:

“One of the most famous stand-up comedians in Russia, who often mocks the authorities” - Forbes

Sasha, a alternative political comedian from Russia who immigrated when the war in Ukraine started, has spent a decade honing her stand-up craft. She's evolved into one of the most provocative, recognisable, original, and significant Russian-speaking comedians. Frequently lauded by opposition media and colleagues, she's considered one of the best Russian-speaking comedians in modern history. Now embarking on her first-ever English tour, Sasha is embracing a new chapter in life and career.

Over the last decade, she's delivered hundreds of solo shows, open mics, festivals, contests across more than 24 countries (not an easy task with this type of passport). Sasha has successfully filmed five one-hour comedy specials amassing over 14 million views on YouTube collectively.

Despite public attacks from Russian propagandist media, she persists in addressing topics like religion, authoritarianism, gender non-conformity, and anti-war stances. This unique comedian is now ready to captivate an English-speaking audience for the first time!